movies and documentaries of bicycle races and tours:

For the motivation and the buildup of wanderlust:


Melon, Trucks and Angry Dogs – Episode 1 (documentary of two participants of  transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul)

Russia – Coast to Coast (Wolfgang Fasching’s adventure of cycling through the biggest country of the world  in 21 days)

Berlin2Shanghai (cycling tour of two German brothers from Berlin to Shanghai)

Cycling Americas – From Quebec to Ushuaia (11 episodes show the tour of Sylvain Karpinski through America)

A Nomad’s Life (Stefan Böhm calls himself a nomad, since April 2012 he has been on tour with its bicycle, this video shows some fabulous scenes along his trip)

Cycling South America (Asa Brandhill & Javier Godar cycled from Alsaka to Panama and from Bogotá to Ushuaia. There is a whole movie about their trip with the aimes to raise awareness on climate change and other environmental issues. This 15-minutes video is edited by  Javier, his first try ever.)

Ride to Rio – South and Central America Bicycle Tour (a trailer of a movie where 5 guys find there path to Rio)

Cycling Silk 2011 Highlights Reel (Kate Harris and Melissa Yule cycled 10.000 kilometres through Asia and sum up some of there moments in this video which contains beautiful songs)

Kiwi Chronicles (An American Couple take their collapsible bicycles to cross New Zealand, a documentary in 6 episodes)



Books and websites, which can give you some basics for the preparation of bicycle trips:

das Lateinamerika BikeBuch (a book especially for cycling through central and south america, with specific information about every country, with tour proposals and previous preparations)

Weltreise-Forum (eine umfangreiche Plattform um sich auf Reisen unterschiedlicher Art vorzubereiten und auszutauschen; im Forum finden sich unter anderem aktuelle Infos zu Einreisebestimmungen und wichtigen Begebenheiten vor Ort. Reisepartner kann man hier ebenfalls aufspüren. )

Forum für Radreisen & Fernradler (in diesem Forum geht es speziell um Radreisen; u.a. finden sich hier zahlreiche Vorstellungen der jeweiligen Reiseausrüstung; Für die Reisepartnersuche gibt es hier ebenfalls eine seperate Rubrik)

A great cycling blog from Stuttgart about bicycle culture in all its facets:

Shut up legs


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