Turning to alternatives

One, who might expect another story of my travel, should simply skip this entry! For me, there are also other things, which happen during this time. Things, which needed an inspiration to arise in my life. Things which are actually obvious, but I haven’t really got into much deeper and haven’t gave theses things the attention they deserved. I don’t like when people try too hard to hoax somebody else, to convince about seemingly extrem ways of living and I know everybody have to discover and experience things on its on. Therefor I will only loose some sentences about a topic of what I get inspired on during my travel and with rising information seems to matter a lot for me. The process chain „inspiration, curiosity, information“ awaken the motivation to change – to change my life.

So, what happened? About one month ago I stayed in this garden Eden in Costa Rica and got inspired. I got inspired of the idea of just eating raw food as our host used to do. I was curious about what that would do to me to do the same and I still don’t really know. But since that days I became more and more curious about what the idea behind it. I only got the bait, that lively food brings as well more liveliness into my body. But I haven’t had a glue about overall idea of this kind of diet. I asked the owner of the garden Eden to provide me some background information, some books I could read. But remained to be the inspirator. So I started to research on myself and gained some more information in healthy food. During the last weeks I met some travellers and locals, which seems to be into that topic as well and little by little the idea behind raw food and superfoods revealed. The motivation is still rising, but after watching the documentary „Food matters“ (Stream can be found in the internet), I felt that I should wrote down some sentences and to stop again – with the sentence: You are what You eat!